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How we can market your property and represent your best interests
The Greater Boston Home Team will represent ONLY YOU — without the potential conflicts of interest that are typical at most other real estate agencies.

Our advertising will feature your home more prominently than our name.
While other agents and agencies may be promoting themselves through your property, our goal is to promote your home first.

Homes We've Sold in the Boston Area

The three keys to selling your property with the most favorable price and terms are timing, pricing and marketing. Timing and pricing go hand in hand and need to be discussed in depth before that part of your marketing plan is finalized.

If there is a buyer for your property, they will not be able to miss your marketing campaign! Whether your goal is to maximize your sale price or sell quickly, we will make sure that your property is exposed to ALL potential buyers. Wide exposure is the key to getting the best offer for your home.

A solid marketing plan will capitalize on the strengths of the appropriate Internet and local print media for your home, which typically includes the Boston Globe, Herald and local newspapers.

We will be sure that your home is seen on the Internet's top rated real estate web sites. Over 80% of home-buyers search for homes on the Internet, which makes a strong, visible Internet presence a must for your home. Our listings are available on Realtor.com (the Internet's number one web real estate site), Boston.com (Boston's top real estate site) and our own top rated, specifically focused local web sites, among others.

Our cooperative marketing agreements also allow placement of your listing on the web sites of ALL franchises and independent Realtor offices that serve your market as well as the individual web sites of each Realtor that works in your neighborhood.

Hundreds of daily email alerts will go out to prospective buyers when your property comes onto the market. Your home will stand out from the pack with its own unique website designed by our team.

We advise you about the best way to "stage" your home for sale. The condition and appearance of your home are critical factors in getting the best price for your home.

Since you do not sell a home the same way that you live in it, our designer may "stage" your home professionally to help potential buyers visualize themselves living there. (Properly staged homes typically sell faster and at higher prices.)

Prior to placing your home on the market, we will advise you on any upgrades or repairs that your home might need in order to sell at a better price.

We advise you about the best time to sell your home. Since the real estate market runs in small and large cycles, a few weeks can often make the difference between a high price and a quick sale or a lower price after months on the market. We will discuss your goals and help you determine the best time to place your home on the market.

We promote your home to ALL real estate agents and agencies that might have buyers for your home. Statistically speaking, there is about an 85 to 90% chance that the buyer for your home will come through another Realtor. (Approximately 65-70% of buyers have a buyer's agent, while 15-20% work with traditional "sub-agents".)

Therefore, we believe that marketing to ALL of those agents through the Multiple Listing Service at the right compensation level is critical to getting the word out about your property and keeping it in front of them daily as new buyers come into the market.

We believe that offering co-operation and compensation to both buyer's agents and sub-agents will result in more viewing's of your home and a higher sale price in a competitive market. As offers are reviewed, we will discuss the pros and cons of each offer and agency relationship so that you can make a fully informed decision about the best way for you to sell your home.

We will personally show your property to buyers that respond to us directly through our advertising. If appropriate and mutually agreeable, we can also place a secure "lock box" on the property to allow secure, timely access to Realtors with their buyers for those rare times when we cannot arrange a mutually convenient appointment.

To support your marketing campaign, we will hold Broker and Sunday open houses when appropriate. Open houses are promoted by advertising in the Boston Globe and email to ALL Multiple Listing Realtors that allow "reverse prospecting".

In addition, the Multiple Listing Service comments are updated to include notice of your open house to all Realtors and prospective buyers. Broker and Public open houses are also posted on the Multiple Listing Service web site.

Once a buyer is located for your property, we will stay in contact with them (or their broker) and their lender to coordinate the rest of the transaction and assure a smooth, on time closing.

In addition to attending the home inspection and negotiating any issues that might arise, we will also coordinate with your attorney, the buyer's lender and the lender's attorney and monitor all contingency dates.

To keep you informed, we will provide you with a weekly activity report to update you on our progress, and call you to discuss issues of concern as they arise.

From the first ad through the closing, we will be representing ONLY YOU in your transaction.

As your exclusive agents we will:
  • not engage in dual agency or designated agency.
  • market your home to reach ALL potential buyers.
  • advocate only in your best interest.
  • negotiate only on your behalf.

If you have a question, we are happy to respond with an answer.

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