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Juggling buying and selling

Buying a new home and selling your "old" one can be a logistical juggling act as well as an emotional roller coaster. We are sensitive to the unique needs of those that need to sell their current home in order to purchase their next one.  A home is a lot more than a piece of real estate to most sellers and we will treat you and your home accordingly.

We assist clients that need help buying their next home and selling their current property, provided that we can serve their needs without a conflict of interest with our other clients.  (If we already have a buyer for your home, you may represent yourself or we can refer you to another reputable agent that can represent your interests.)  We will not compromise your best interests by representing both parties in the same real estate transaction.

Coordinating your buying and selling transactions using one agent and real estate team should result in seamless Purchase and Sale contracts which will lead to a smooth transition from one home to the next. 

You will also save time, money and hassles by choosing one agency that is experienced in the art and business of guiding a client through a buy-sell transaction without potential conflicts of interest that are typical at most other Massachusetts real estate agencies.

Remember , we’re here to take the stress out of real estate for you!

To discuss coordinating your next home purchase with the sale of your current home, please feel free to contact us without obligation.

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